Hard Surface

'Slugger' Garage Floor Cleaner

A powdered high alkali, high surfactant formula with good rinse-ability.  Will tackle the most greasy garage and other concrete floors with ease.

Clean Sensation Citrus 'All Purpose' Cleaner

🗸New Health Canada Certified

An all around work horse to clean and degrease all kinds of hard surfaces.  Ideal for floors, walls etc.  Contains anti-foam agents for easy rinsing.  Very suitable for car and truck washing.

Clean Sensation 'DXP1' Extra Performance Degreaser

An extra potency degreaser with a broad range of applications.  It will clean wherever grease and grime are a problem, where others fail.  Formulated with specialty chemicals.  For industrial commercial use.

Sensibly Clean 'Rapid' Anti-Bacterial Hard Surface Cleaner - Degreaser

A top quality cleaner for all hard surfaces to prevent bacterial contamination.  Designed for food processing, nursing homes, gyms, child care etc.

Clean Sensation 'Soltex' Neutralizing Acid & Calcium Remover

This acidic product is designed to neutralize and remove scales, calcium and sodium residues on floors and other surfaces.  Not to be used on marble.